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Glorious Greens Vi-bites

Vi Challenges You to Snack Healthy With Vi Bites

Vi Bites are Healthy Fast Snacks to Help You Reach Your Challenge Goals Delicious new Vi-Bites answer the question of “what should I have for snacks on my Challenge?”  Now, you can choose from four, exciting flavors — two sweet flavors, and two savory flavors.  For the sweet snack option, try Fruit Frenzy and Chocolate […]

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abs are made in the kitchen

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover to Find Your Abs

Abs are Made in the Kitchen, Not in the Gym! Despite the excuses you tell yourself about how you don’t have time to work out and that is why you are overweight,  the fact is that your weight is 80% diet, and only 20% workouts! If your kitchen is packed with unhealthy foods, you are […]