New Body By Vi Challenge Launched With the Greatest Consumer Offer in The Weight Loss Industry

New Body By Vi ChallengeThe NEW Body By Vi Challenge has launched with 6 NEW Reasons to take on the Challenge!

These 6 new incentives make up the greatest consumer offer in the weight loss industry – ever!  You can get the details on the NEW Challenge on the online webinar ***!

The Challenge is just 3 years young… and in 2012 we had 1.5 MILLION Challengers with incredible weight loss results!

Because we have millions of documented weight loss results with our simple 90 Day Challenge, in 2012 the Body By Vi Challenge was the #2 weight loss platform in North America! In fact, in 2012 the Challenge had more sales than both Jenny Craig and NutriSystem. Sales of the Body By Vi Challenge were second only to the 44 year old Weight Watchers program… and get this! Weight Watchers gives 2 points for a Vi-shape shake!

The Challenge awarded $47 MILLION in prizes in 2012!
How much will YOU win in 2013???

For the FULL details on the NEW Challenge, you can register for the Worlds Largest Resolution Rally ONLINE.
I’m super excited for YOU and what you will accomplish in lucky 2013!


*** If you are already on the Challenge, or a promoter of the Challenge… then you should be at a LIVE Rally today – Do NOT register for the online webinar if you can attend a LIVE event! If you are just checking us out, then by all means – register NOW to get the details online with us!