At a Time When America’s Obesity Rate Has Become an Epidemic, The Body By Vi Challenge Has Triggered a Booming Health and Wellness Revolution

At a time when America’s obesity rate has become an epidemic, one company has triggered a booming health and wellness revolution.

More than 3,000 people every day are committing to achieve their weight-loss and fitness goals through the Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge.

Created by ViSalus, the Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge was created with a modern adult’s demanding lifestyle in mind.  Convenience, ease, affordability and rewards all became important parts of its “real life-friendly” design.  Once people began to experience it for themselves, the Body by ViTM Challenge went viral, spreading like wildfire and bursting onto the mainstream stage.

Consisting of five unique Challenge Kits – each one built around nutritional products that support different weight-loss and fitness goals – it has become the Challenge for everybody and every body.


In January 2010, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data that indicates nearly 34 percent of American adults are obese, more than double the percentage 30 years ago, and a whopping 68 percent of American adults are overweight.

With stats like this to combat, it’s no wonder people are responding so favorably to a Challenge that’s simple, affordable and fun.  The platform has grown so popular that it’s become the fastest-growing health transformation in North America.

                What is the Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge and why is it so effective?

 A Kit to Fit!

The Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge is a movement – a wellness movement.  IT all starts off with a simple goal.  Nothing complicated, just a personal goal set for you, by you!  Not another trend or miracle diet, but a revolutionary way to transform your body and have fun at the same time, in as little as 90 days!

“The Challenge is designed as a platform for people who want to lose weight or get fit, so it’s really for just about everybody,” says ViSalus Senior Vice President of Marketing Audrey Sommerfeld.

The Challenge is built upon nutrition that helps you burn fat, keep lean muscle, boost metabolism and control hunger.  With five Challenge Kits to choose from – each with specific benefits to meet your goal – achieving success is as simple as selecting a Kit.  And with tools available to meet any health and weight-loss goal, the Challenge is for truly everybody and every body.

Take a second to imagine what you could accomplish in the next 90 days!  Whether you want to lose weight for your wedding, bulk up for football season, or get cardio fit for a marathon, there’s a perfect Kit to fit every lifestyle.

And according to ViSalus founder and CEO Ryan Blair, it’s not just about the first 90 days, but rather 90 days at a time.  “We have people who are on their second, third, fourth challenges now and they’ve had total body transformations,” Blair says.  “They’ve lost weight and now they’ve moved on to a fitness Challenge with the Fit Kit.”

Set a goal.  Select a Kit.  Share your results!

Why It Works and What People are Saying

The Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge works for three reasons:  It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s FUN!

“The program is simple because it’s based on drinking protein shakes,” ViSalus Sciences Co-Founder and CMO Blake Mallen says.”  Drink one or two shakes a day, eat a healthy third meal and eat healthy snacks in between.  That’s something that the average person can do.  Usually with a week or two, they start to see results.  And the more results people see, the more they are excited to stick with the program.”

Body by ViTM Challenge Champion Theresa Granmoe from Colorado agrees, saying that the Challenge is both easy to follow and cost-effective.  “I used the Transformation Kit for my success and I start each day with my shake,” says Granmoe, who has lost 103 pounds on the Body by ViTM Challenge.  “The products give me so much energy.  I have now completed my second half-marathon and look forward to completing a 150-mile bike ride.  ViSalus gave me my life back.”

“The program is so effective because of its simplicity and great taste,” says Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge Champion Rod Elliott from Ontario, Canada, who lost 115 pounds on the Body by ViTM Challenge.  “The fact that you are able to create so many different shakes always keeps it fresh and new.”

Being able to replace one or two meals a day with a delicious and nutritious ViShape® shake doesn’t just make sense for your health, but for your wallet too, as Ryan Blair points out.  “It’s expensive to follow meal plans that include healthy and organic foods,” Blair says.  “The average person doesn’t have the time or money to do that.  A shake is less than a couple of dollars per meal and it’s a transfer spend, meaning you’re using money you would normally spend on groceries.  Instead of spending more money on unhealthy options, you can spend less money on healthier options.”

It’s simple, it saves you money, and it’s fun, too?  “That’s the key,” says ViSalus Co-Founder and now Royal Ambassador promoting the Challenge, Nick Sarnicola.  “People on the Body by ViTM Challenge are high-energy and fun.  People like to be around fun people, and we have created a supportive and welcoming Community.  Come out to any neighborhood Challenge Party and you’ll see what I mean.”

Having such a wide-ranging and supportive Community definitely fuels the fun, according to Mallen.  “People enjoy feeling like they are a part of something bigger than themselves.  There is a full support community wrapped around everybody on the Challenge so nobody feels like they have to go it alone.”

The Community aspect is also making it easier than ever to join the Challenge with friends, which can even get you your Challenge Kit for FREE month after month.  It’s a lot more fun to join a challenge with your friends.  With the Refer 3, Get Your Next Month Free program, all you have to do is help three people join and stay on the Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge with a kit of equal or greater value to your own kit.  If you do this, you’ll get your products for free every month.

25 Million Reasons to Share Your Results and Win!

Whatever the scope of your personal goal, when you complete your Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge, you’ve accomplished something special.  That’s a huge reward in itself.  But for those who are serious about winning, ViSalus has put some incredible prizes on the table.

At ViSalus National Events, Body by ViTM Champions are recognized for the most impressive 90-Day Transformations, and rewarded with an ultimate Transformation Vacation.  These lavish trips range from cruises and getaways to full head-to-toe spa makeovers, new wardrobes, photo shoots, luxury boxes for the NBA Playoffs, concerts, private jets, Vegas nights, and more!

“Our Champions are the stars of the Challenge, and we go out of our way to treat them like it,” says John Laun, ViSalus Director of Sales & Program Management.  “It’s a blast to see them step out of a limo in Hollywood with people stopping on the Walk of Fame to see who they are, camera crews following, flashbulbs going off.  They get the star experience – then return home feeling like celebrities.”

Yes, there are incredible rewards for the top Champions and finalists, but the star treatment doesn’t stop there.  With a full branding package for top finishers, and new Challenge Categories set to launch, the rewards keep on coming.

Add it all up and count the thousands and thousands of people who get their Challenge Kits for free each month, and ViSalus is giving away more than $25 million in free product, prizes and vacations every year through the Body by ViTM Challenge!

With so many ways to win, it’s no wonder the Challenge is skyrocketing across North America, the UK, and soon-to-be Puerto Rico as people search for a convenient, cost –effective and easy way to get their health and weight under control.

Mallen shares impressive growth metrics.  “Last year we grew an average of 15% month over month for the entire year,” he says.  “This year, we’re averaging even more.  At this rate, over one million people will join the Challenge in 2012.  We are the fastest-growing health transformation challenge in North America – and soon, the world.”

“By the year 2015, 74% of Americans are projected to be overweight,” Sommerfeld says.  “That’s an increase from the 67% today.  By the year 2015, one out of every two people around the world will be overweight or obese.  It’s a growing epidemic, so from a business point of view, we know there is a lot of opportunity for us to make people healthier.”

“The Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge will soon be the No. 1 health transformation challenge in the world,” Mallen says.  “That’s the goal.  When someone thinks about a 90-day challenge, they’ll think of Body by Vi – just like when someone thinks about an MP3 player, they think of an iPod.  We want to be the No. 1 90-day challenge worldwide.”

Is this the year you’ll take control of your health, once and for all?  The first step to unleashing the real you begins with a simple Challenge.  The freedom to live your best physical life is in your hands.  And who deserves that more than you?

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