Diabetic Safe Weight Loss Solution ~ Body By Vi Challenge Helps Diabetics Lose Weight Fast, Easily, and Saves Them Money

The Body by Vi Challenge is a diabetic friendly weight loss solution from ViSalus Sciences.  People with both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can take the Body By Vi Challenge to quickly shed unhealthy pounds and get their health condition under control.

The core of the Body by Vi Challenge is the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mix.  The Vi-Shape Shake is the best meal replacement shake for diabetics. Vi-Shape is a meal replacement shake that tastes delicious, but with just one gram of sugar, is completely safe for diabetics.  When diabetics follow the Body By Vi Challenge program guide they are instructed to drink 2 shakes a day to melt the pounds away, along with healthy snacks and a normal meal.  As long as the diabetic diet is followed, people are seeing extraordinary results with the Body By Vi Challenge.

This video is of Barbara, a type 2 diabetic who has seen an incredible impact on her own health.  Barbara was an insulin dependent diabetic before the Body By Vi Challenge:

YouTube Preview Image

Diabetics who are obese can see a significant improvement in their blood sugar when they lose weight. The Body By Vi Challenge offers a diabetic friendly weight loss solution that is fast, easy & saves you money – and the Vi-Shape protein shakes for diabetics who want to lose weight actually taste delicious!  Imagine a shake that you can make a thousand different diabetic friendly ways- to make the ultimate diabetic diet smoothie. When you blend the Vi-Shape with fruit, you have the best in human nutrition to help the body heal itself from the inside out, drop unhealthy pounds, and get diabetes under control!

If you are a diabetic and want to join the Body By Vi Challenge CLICK HERE
or call 727-565-2053 with your questions, or to order today!

Challenge Accepted!

More than 3 million people have already taken the Project 10 Challenge
and got the results they wanted! Its Guaranteed!
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    Hi I am a very overweight diabetic and think I would like to do this challenge only I’m not sure which kit I would need because I’m overweight I’m to fat for exercise so if you could help me with the right kit I am very interested to do this but not sure of the one for me hope to hear from you soon.x

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