Lose the Weight You Gained Over the Holidays With the Guaranteed Weight Loss Solution, the Body By Vi Challenge Transformation Kit

During the Holidays, most people give in to eating with abandon, and use the season as an excuse to overeat day after day – after all, its only once a year…

The average person will put on about 8 pounds over the Holidays – pounds that will linger and then get put onto the list for the “New Years Resolutions”.  People wake up on January 1st intent on getting the unhealthy and less than attractive pounds off once and for all.  The gyms fill with people who are finally going to be all they are meant to be.  They are going to get their sexy back!

The bad news? Most people NEVER take off the Holiday weight gain.  People put on the pounds and then KEEP them.  The average weight gain is 2 lbs a year.. that NEVER comes off! This equates to a larger and larger waistline as the years go on, and the typical ‘middle aged spread’.

Who wants a ‘spread’ around their middle???

Not you? Enter a real solution to Holiday weight gain that works extremely fast, easy, and saves you money – the Body By Vi Challenge!

The Body By Vi Challenge is a weight loss solution that can ensure that you actually meet the goal of your New Years Resolution ~ and easily drop unsightly fat from around your middle so you look less like Santa… and more like your thin, trim, healthy, energetic best!

On the Challenge you’ll replace unhealthy meals with delicious Vi-Shape Shakes that taste like milkshakes , and yummy nutra- cookies!
Yes, seriously, you’ll be getting the best in human nutrition while drinking shakes and cookies, and you will LOSE weight and save money.

Peanut butter, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin cookies .. mmmm!

Order your Transformation Kit now, with the knowledge that you’ll EASILY take the weight right back off!

Check out some of the results from the 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge from Visalus Sciences:

These results are after just 90 Days! To See more, click HERE to go to the album.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN The Body By Vi Challenge!
Or call 727-565-2053  to order, today!

Challenge Accepted!

More than 3 million people have already taken the Project 10 Challenge
and got the results they wanted! Its Guaranteed!
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    Two pounds a year-that’s not much at first, but, the years do add up. After 10 years and 20 pounds, I think the 20 pounds actually becomes like 25 pounds. Keep off the pounds so you don’t have to try to shed them later.

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