NEW Fuel Kit & Crunch Kit for Weight Loss & Fitness Goals, from the Body By Vi Challenge

Two New Kits from ViSalus to FUEL Your Body By Vi Challenge!

ViSalus has just announced two new Challenge Kits for the upcoming holiday season and resolution new year!  At last weekend’s National Success Training in Atlanta, Georgia, Vi announced the Fuel Kit and the Crunch Kit to their line up of Body By Vi Challenge Kits, which already includes the Balance Kit, Shape Kit, Core Kit, Transformation Kit, and Fit Kit.  Now there are more ways to fuel your Challenge!


Body By Vi Challenge FUEL KIT

The Fuel Kit is the perfect kit to fuel your weight-loss and fitness goals.  The kit allows you to enjoy a Vi-Shape® Shake a day and a bowl of Vi Crunch™ Super Cereal a day for comprehensive yet simple nutrition.  This is the perfect kit to pick if you love the Shake, but love Vi Crunch too — now you don’t have to choose one or the other!  The Fuel Kit supports both weight-loss and fitness goals.   Enjoy flavor variety and two meals a day for a month!

The Fuel Kit contains:

  • Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (30 servings)

  • Vi Crunch™ Protein Super Cereal (28 servings)

  • Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins Chocolate (7 servings)

  • Shape-Up™ Health Flavor Mix-Ins Strawberry (7 servings)

  • Vi Crunch™ Fusions – Chocolate Macadamia Granola (7 servings)

  • Vi Crunch™ Fusions – Tri-Berry Puffs (7 servings)

Benefits of the Fuel Kit include:

  1. Provides healthy vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber

  2. Supports lean muscle mass

  3. Helps support digestive health, heart health, mineral and calcium absorption†

  4. Helps satisfy your hunger

  5. 1 bowl of cereal and 1 shake a day to help fuel your weight loss and fitness goals

  6. Add Shape-Up Health Flavor Mix-Ins to your shake for variety and health benefits


Body By Vi Challenge CRUNCH KIT

The Crunch Kit is the perfect kit to start your day the healthy way!  Crunch your way to good nutrition with a bowl of Vi Crunch™ Super Cereal each day and Vi Crunch™ Fusions for variety and added flavor.  Vi Crunch™ is the Protein Super Cereal that puts your Challenge Goal in a bowl!  For added  flavor, nutrition, and hunger control, add Vi Crunch Fusions to your cereal or enjoy them any time as a healthy snack.

The Crunch Kit contains:

Benefits of the Crunch Kit include:

  1. 1 meal a day for balanced nutrition

  2. Fi-Sorb™ protein blend combines  five protein sources to help build strong muscles

  3. A good source of prebiotic  fiber that satisfies – 20% of daily value

  4. Provides vitamins, minerals and rosemary and grape seed extracts

  5. Contains only 3 grams of sugar per serving

  6. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives


Variety is the  spice of life, and now with seven Challenge Kits, the Body By Vi Challenge has an option for everyone!  Whether you chose the Balance Kit, Shape Kit, Core Kit, Transformation Kit, or the Fit Kit — or the new Fuel Kit or Crunch Kit — ViSalus has your the right kit for your Challenge goal!

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Unsure of which kit your require? Call 727-565-2053 to speak with Melanie Milletics, your Two-Star Ambassador and Body By Vi Champion, who will be happy to personally assist you in choosing the right kit for your needs!


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