The Body By Vi Challenge Has a Challenge Kit to Meet Your 90 Day Challenge Goal

The Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge now Has 5 Different Kits and One To Meet YOUR 90 Day Challenge Goal

Five roads to better health

It’s now easier than ever to achieve your weight-loss and fitness goals with the Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge – thanks to FIVE nutritionally packed Challenge Kits that help support you on your road to success.

Get ready to roll!  Whether you’re looking to build some lean muscle, run your first marathon or drop a few dress sizes – there’s a Challenge Kit packed with all the nutritional products you need to support your journey.

“Whatever you’re looking to achieve, there’s a Kit to help you,” says John Laun, ViSalus® Director of Sales and Program Management.  “The goal could be dropping 50 pounds or just wanting to balance out your diet; we’ve got the tools to help you get where you want to be.”

How it works

                ViSalus worked hard to create a Challenge that’s compatible with real life.

It’s simple, affordable and fun – just Set, Select & Share!

  • Set your weight-loss or fitness goal.
  • Select from five unique Challenge Kits.
  • Share your 90-day results… & WIN!

Why it Works

Two words that explain why the Body by Vi Challenge is sweeping the nation: convenience and ease.  And at the heart of each Challenge Kit is Vi-Shape® — The shake mix that tastes like a cake mix!  Created using science and protein-rich nutrition, the sweet-cream-flavored Vi-Shape shake helps curb hunger and keep blood sugars level.

  • Proprietary Tri-Sorb protein blend
  • Gluten-free
  • Lactose-free
  • Low sugar
  • Low sodium
  • Low carbohydrates
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Fiber-rich
  • 23 vitamins & minerals
  • Diabetic-friendly
  • Kosher certified

The scientists behind ViSalus also know that food is fun and should be enjoyed!  Too many programs based on shakes lack fun and variety, and just get boring over time.  Not the Challenge!

To help you stay committed and keep meal-boredom at bay, try the Shape-UpTMHealth Flavor Mix-Ins.  Add these to your Vi-Shape shake and you’ve found the spice o’ life!  Mix & match to find your favorite nutrient-rich recipe.

  • Strawberry Phyto-Power
  • Chocolate Cardia Care
  • Banana Energy Charge
  • Peach Complexion Care
  • Orange Everyday Defense

Which Challenge Kit has YOUR name on it?

5 Body By Vi Challenge Kits , One to Fit YOUR 90 Day Goal

Body by ViTM Balance Kit

  • Your key to nutritional balance
  • Begin your journey to better overall health and well-being
  • 30 customizable Vi-Shape® Shake meals

Body by ViTM Core Kit

  • Support your active lifestyle
  • Fuel your body properly with lean protein, digestive enzymes, calcium, and more
  • 30 customizable Vi-Shape® Shake meals and anti-aging support for ideal physical health

Body by ViTM Shape Kit

  • Kick-start your road to weight-loss
  • Start re-shaping your body
  • 60 customizable Vi-Shape® Shake meals to boost quicker results

Body by ViTM Transformation Kit

  • Get ready for maximum transformation
  • The quickest way to achieve optimal results using ViSalus products
  • 60 customizable Vi-Shape® Shake meals plus cutting-edge supplements (Vi-Trim, Vi-Slim, Omega Vitals) and energy drinks (Neuro Smart Energy) to further support your physical transformation

Body by ViTM Fit Kit

  • Take your athletic performance to the next level
  • Fuel your body for ultimate performance with nutrients to burn fat, boost endurance, speed up recovery, and pack on lean muscle mass
  • 60 customizable Vi-Shape® Shake meals plus cutting-edge supplements and energy drinks (ViSalus Go, ViSalus Pro) to support high octane lifestyles

 Money in the bank!

When you join the Body by Vi Challenge, you can watch your wallet bulk up while your waist trims down.  Seriously, this is one of the best parts!  You’ve got the opportunity to lose weight and get fit for less than $2 a meal!

FACT:  You’d have to eat every single item shown here in order to get the nutrients you consume in just one filling Vi-Shape shake!  That’s an intake of approximately 8,674 calories at an expense of around $102.94, versus a 170-calorie Vi-Shape shake for $1.85.

What’s in Vi-Shape®?

Plus, as the saying goes:  Time is money.  You can blend up your favorite Vi-Shape® shake in half the time it takes to go through a drive-thru.  And for $1.85, there isn’t much (if anything) you could order that would compare to its nutritional content.

Get your Kit for FREE!

The only thing better than saving some serious bucks on groceries is actually getting your Kit for free!  For most of us, it’s more fun to get fit with friends, versus traveling solo.  The Body by Vi Challenge Community makes it easy to meet new people on you same path.  But what if you wrangled some of your friends or work colleagues?  With the THREE for FREE program, all you have to do is refer 3 friends and your next Kit is totally free!

You’ll be shocked how easy ViSalus has made it to get your Kit FREE every month!  Just grab some friends, help them start their own Challenges with a Body by Vi 90-Day Challenge Kit (of equal or greater value to your own) – and your next kit is FREE.  No strings.  No small print.  No problem

The Body by ViTM 90-Day Challenge Journey

Five roads to better health
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