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Choose a Healthier Weight Loss Option Without Dangerous Drugs or Invasive Surgery

Obesity is a serious life-threatening disease, according to the American Medical Association,  so it’s no wonder people regularly turn to one weight loss drug or another, and often, different types of bariatric surgery, like gastric bypass or lap band surgery. The problem with those options is that there are so many risks involved, and besides, a meal replacement shake just tastes good!

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Bariatric Surgery Carries Risks and May Not Be Recommended for the Super Morbidly Obese

Weight loss surgery options include Gastric bypass and lap band surgery are the most common forms of bariatric surgery, and boy, do they come with a laundry list of potential risks: blood clots, bowel damage/obstruction, deep abdominal infection, dumping syndrome, gallstones, stomach perforation, and even death. Death? Talk about a long-term risk!  According to the definition of obesity, if you have a BMI of over 60, you are considered to be Super Mobidly Obese and may not be able to have the operation at all. If you weight more than 440 pounds, you cannot fit into a Cat Scan machine. Doctors would recommend a liquid protein diet to drop the weight before surgery… why not use the Vi Shape Shake to lose it ALL like those in the ViSalus Century Club have done?

Different types of weight loss surgery, like gastric bypass and lap band surgery, do prevent people from eating as much as they did before. However, bariatric surgery, whether it’s lap band or gastric bypass surgery, isn’t an end all cure. Lifestyle changes, like exercise and food choice modifications, are also required. In fact, many who opt for surgey are told to use a protein meal replacement shake before and after surgery.  Why not just use the Vi Shape meal replacement shakes as a safe weight loss without surgery plan instead? Bariatric surgery alone is not a quick fix, and can be dangerous. Instead, opt for a meal replacement shake diet program. It helps achieve weight loss naturally without the risks associated with lap band or gastric bypass surgery.

 Weight Loss Drugs Flood the Market, Unproven and Sometimes Dangerous

The consumer market is flooded with every type of weight loss drug imaginable. Frankly, most of them are ineffective in the long-term. Additionally, the listed ingredients can’t always be trusted. The FDA maintains an ongoing weight loss drug list of those they’ve discovered to be contaminated (containing undisclosed ingredients). At last count, there were 72 contaminated weight loss drug formulas. Here’s the current list: http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/QuestionsAnswers/ucm136187.htm.

Many people who have serious health problems as a result of dangerous weight loss drugs like Phentermine have used the Body by Vi Challenge to lose weight and regain their vitality. In fact, Sherry Fowler, seen in the gallery of ViSalus Century Club members is one individual who thought there was no hope. She lost 229 pounds in less than a year with Body By Vi!  There is hope, and a safe drug free weight loss solution for people who suffer from obesity.

Best Tasting Protein Shake Diet Has a 90 Day Results Money Back Guarantee

Those who opt for the Body By Vi meal replacement shake program avoid all of the risks associated with bariatric surgery and weight loss drug use. Plus, the results they get from the meal replacement shake program often exceed lap band and gastric bypass surgery results!

Check out these people – They are all part of the ViSalus Century Club and have all lost more than 100 pounds on the Challenge – many in less than a year!



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How effective is it? The weight loss results regularly reported by people who follow the Body By Vi meal replacement shake program are astounding. Many have lost over 100 pounds, and a few have lost over 200 pounds! With Body By Vi, they have discovered the secret to extreme weight loss without lap band or gastric bypass surgery, or even the use of any type of weight loss drug.

If you are obese, whyrisk taking an unknown weight loss drug, or having bariatric surgery, such as lap band or gastric bypass surgery, when there is a safe, highly effective meal replacement shake program such as Body By Vi available? Don’t forget – the meal replacement shake program is also a delicious alternative!

Order your Body By Vi ViShape Meal Replacement Shakes NOW. With a 90 Day Results Money Back Guarantee, You have nothing to lose, but the weight!


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