Neuro Smart Energy Drink Mix from ViSalus Boosts Alertness and Mental Acuity Naturally

Refresh your mind, and your body with a portable energy drink mix that’s good for you –
Neuro Smart Energy Drink Mix from ViSalus!

The energy drink market in the United States tops $500 million annually, and is growing at a rate of 60% per year. The worldwide energy drink market is an astounding $3 Billion, and is expected to grow to $10 Billion in 3 years! Why so much growth, and are these products healthy for you?

The reason for this growth is clear – everybody wants or needs more energy.
Take a look:

  • 75% of consumers have issues related to energy and vitality
  • 25% of Americans suffer from clinically significant daytime sleepiness . Americans are sleeping on average 1-2 hours less per night than they did 40 years ago
  • 95% of workers have said they have made a mistake at work due to tiredness

What’s in NEURO?

• Rhodiola extract for energy and mental alertness. Used by Russian Olympic athletes for stamina and endurance.
• DMAE (found naturally in sardines and fish) supports healthy brain function.
• Green tea – Provides increased energy and other well-documented health benefits for the body
• Diarginine malate (arginine) – A natural amino acid that helps blood vessel health and supports oxygen transfer.
• B vitamins (Riboflavin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Biotin which is also known as Vitamin B7) – Supports your body’s natural energy
• Vitamin C – A powerful antioxidant to support your body’s defense system when you are fatigued
• Plus, it has no added sugar and only 5 calories!

Neuro Smart Energy Drink, for Improved Performance

Why We’re Different Than Other Energy Drinks:

Many energy drinks use high levels of caffeine and sugar that can often leave you feeling jittery. ViSalus NEURO™ uses a patent-pending blend of ingredients to provide healthy “smart energy,” giving you the extra edge to help you throughout the entire day.

NEURO Smart Energy Drink Comparison to Popular Energy Drinks

Neuro Smart Energy FAQ

1. How is this product healthy?
Our energy drink provides more nutrition than the leading brands. We combine a patent pending combination of ingredients to provide healthy energy. Other brands may use high levels of caffeine and sugar to give you that ‘lift,’ only to have you crash shortly thereafter. They may also use high levels of taurine to make your body respond, which can make some people feel jittery. Our patent pending blend provides Rhodiola extract to help refresh your brain, boost your alertness and boost mental acuity. We also included DMAE (2-di-methlaminoehtanol), a natural compound that releases neuron transmitting compound (acetylcholine) and speeds neural transmission safely and effectively.

We provide about 1/4 cup of coffee worth of natural caffeine to stimulate the body, combined with a B vitamin blend to help support sustained energy. We then add vitamin C, because we know that when you are tired, it often means your body is also under stress and needs to defend itself.

2. Why is it better than other energy brands?
Our product offers 3 key benefits: Mental alertness/acuity, Physical energy, and great portability and convenience. We have less caffeine, no sugar spikes, great taste and it’s easy to use… is there more? Throw one in your gym bag or purse instead of carrying around a can or two of the other brands. It is also low sodium and tastes great.

3. Who should take the product?
Our product was designed for young adults and beyond. The FDA does not have guidelines for caffeine intake as it relates to kids, though they recommend no more than 45mg per day of caffeine for younger children. With all the soda consumed today, it is likely children are drinking at least that amount already if not more. Our product has about the same amount of caffeine as one can of orange soda or cola. Our recommendation is that you ask your doctor before giving it to children. Pregnant and lactating women should not use this product. It is not recommended for children.

4. Can I mix it in other liquids besides water?
Yes! For flavor variety any time of day, try mixing it with water, juice, lemonade, iced tea, hot tea, or other beverages of your choice.

5. How many can I drink per day?
The US Government recommends that adults target no more than 240mg of caffeine per day. Therefore you can easily consume 2-4 per day and be under that amount. At a high 4 per day (most people will drink 1-2 per day); your customer can still enjoy their morning coffee.

6. With the high levels of B vitamins, and C Vitamins, is there a risk of getting too much if I take this
and the Vi-PAK?

There are no known adverse effects of Vitamin B consumption. For Vitamin C, you’d have to consume over 3,000 mg before most effects of gastrointestinal disturbances are noticed. The levels or RDA are not based on the required or ideal levels, but are the minimum threshold that everyone should consume.

7. Are there any allergens in the product?
None of the ingredients are known allergens. As with any product, each person may respond differently, but we are not aware of any known issues.

8. Can people with high blood pressure or on heart medications take the product?
Our level of caffeine is low, and should not interfere with blood pressure medications at the 1-3 per day level. However, cardiovascular diseases should be managed with physician care, so we recommend you speak to your doctor before consuming ViSalus NEURO™. The product is low sodium.

9. Isn’t caffeine bad for you? Why is it in the product?
Caffeine is known to help stimulate the brain and body. Though there is no nutritional need for caffeine, moderate caffeine intake is not associated with any known health risk. There are conflicting opinions on how much is safe for pregnant women or children. If you are concerned, we recommend you speak to your physician. The FDA recommends that adults try to limit daily caffeine intake to 240mg. To achieve that level, you’d need to drink over 5 servings per day of NEURO™. As with all conflicting clinical data, there is some clinical evidence that caffeine may actually help with Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

10. Why artificial sweeteners?
The formula contains herbs, which can be difficult to make taste good using sugar as a sweetener. Sugar can also cause a high, followed by a low as it enters the body, which defeats the purpose of energy production. It also appeals to a wide audience, as industry data shows that 69% of consumers want low to no sugar products. While some people are concerned with safety, there are no known studies linking the use of the sweeteners we’ve selected with health risks. While Stevia is an herb that can provide sweetness, the US government currently does not allow it to be combined into food supplements/foods as a sweetening agent.

11. Why these two flavors?
We selected the two flavors that will appeal to the widest number of people. The flavors also offer variety, and worked well with our unique blend of ingredients.

12. Why a powder mix and not a liquid in a can?
Portability, sampling, and the ability to mix with multiple liquids made powder the smart choice. This provides the utmost in convenience and personalization. Plus, it’s easier to ship to your customers, costing them less.

13. Does NEURO meet the guidelines for athletic usage?
Yes. NEURO contains no ingredients on the Olympic banned substances list. With arginine and low caffeine, athletes may enjoy using the product.

14. Our Vi-PAK helps with energy. Why are we offering this product?
Our mission is to spread the word about good nutrition around the world. To that end, we are developing products that speak to different ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds. Currently, the average age of our distributors is 44. We believe that offering a healthy energy drink will appeal to a wide age group, and attract younger people to the ViSalus brand. Additionally, even though we are healthier and have more natural energy with the Vi-PAK®, there are those days we can all feel a bit in a fog. Perhaps we have an exam we are studying for, or a big presentation to make. Our energy drink will help the brain as well as the body feel more refreshed for those moments in which we all need a little lift. And, with the price point, it may help you attract a new customer to the ViSalus name.

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  1. Cindy Davis says

    My Chiropractor recommended this product. But, IT IS SO HARD TO FIND THE PLACE TO ACTUALLY BUY IT. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME?????????????????????????????

  2. Melanie Milletics says

    The Vi-Shape Shake can be used for weight loss if it is taken as a meal replacement. If you have it WITH a meal, it is considered a nutritional shake. If you have it post-workout, it is the ideal post workout protein recovery shake.
    The Tri-Sorb protein in the Vi-Shape shake helps to build muscle while you drop fat.

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