Vi-Slim Metab-Awake! Tablets Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

Vi-Slim Metab-Awake! Tablets Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

“Awaken” your metabolism and help your body burn fat naturally!

A sluggish metabolism can occur when you cut food intake, yo-yo diet, lack exercise, and even happens with aging. Vi-Slim® Metab-Awake Tablets offer a healthy boost to your metabolism that will burn fat and promote lean muscle mass without leaving you jittery. You can increase your daily amount of calories used by as many as 85–125 calories, which equates to about 10–15 pounds of weight per year.

Why is our formula better than others?

1. Ephedra and stimulant free. Won’t cause jitters that other brands can.
2. Helps your body’s natural fat burning process.
3. Can help you lose up to an extra 10–15 pounds per year.
4. Can be used to lose or maintain weight.
5. Contains Yerba Mate extract, a powerful herbal antioxidant.

What’s in Vi-Slim®?

1. Proprietary Ephedra-free formula.
2. Contains the only patented, clinical research validated form of Coleus Forskohlii extract in the world! This patented phytonutrient extract has been clinically proven to help promote lean body mass, and enhance mood.
3. Yerba Mate and Cocoa Extract to get your metabolism running, suppress appetite, and enhance mood.
4. Green Tea for natural extra fat burning!
5. ForsLean™ clinically proven to burn fat and promote lean muscle mass
6. Chocoamine™, a cocoa extract that helps boost your metabolism and increase energy
7. Evodiamine extract increases metabolic rate and helps burn fat.

ViSalus Vi-Slim FAQ

1. What are Vi-Slim® Supplements?

Vi-Slim® is our proprietary, specially designed supplement to support a healthy metabolism. While exercise may be a good way to boost our metabolism and help the body burn fat, the majority of adults do not have the time to do strenuous exercise. And, as we get older our metabolism may slow. ViSalus created a supplement that can help you boost your metabolism to help the body burn fat. While other products on the market use harsh stimulants, or high levels of caffeine, ViSalus does not. Vi-Slim combines herbs and ingredients to help your body burn fat, naturally. By adding Vi-Slim, you can help your body burn an extra 85-125 calories per day. While this may sound slow, it can add up to an extra 10-15 lbs. of fat loss per year!

2. What are the ingredients in Vi-Slim® that are in the product that are so unique?

»»Clinically proven ForsLean™ (Coleus Forskohlii) burns fat and promotes lean muscle mass. Well-known Ayurvedic herb.
»» Yerba Mate extract which suppresses appetite, stimulates energy release and enhances mood. Powerful herbal antioxidant.
»» Chocoamine™ a cocoa extract that helps boost your metabolism, improve your mood and increase your energy— naturally!
»» Green Tea Extract for thermogenic activity (burns calories)
»» Evodiamine extract (Evodia fructus) increases metabolic rate and helps burn fat. Well-known Chinese herb.
»» Non-Jittery Proprietary Formula – No added caffeine, no dangerous or harsh stimulants.

3. What are the primary benefits of Vi-Slim®?

»» It helps your body burn fat
»» Boosts your thermogenic system
»» Helps wake up a tired metabolism
»» Supports healthy blood sugar levels
»» Supports natural insulin function
»» Supports energy while dieting
»» Promotes lean muscle mass
»» Has antioxidant properties
»» Helps inhibit fat production

4. Who can use Vi-Slim®?

As with all products, we recommend that if you are pregnant or lactating, are a minor or child, have a serious medical condition such as cardiovascular disease, or have had a gastric bypass, that you speak to your physician before using this or any weight loss or nutritional supplement product. The products are intended to be used by many people. We do not recommend children under 18 needing the Vi-Slim® metabolism booster, as they tend to have very active metabolisms as they are growing.

5. How many can I take per day?

For maximum results, take a maximum of 4 tablets of Vi-Slim® Metabolism Boost tablets per day (2 tablets per serving). Taking more than the maximum will not add additional benefits. If you experience gas, or stomach rumbling, this is normal. However, if you want, you can build up to the 4 tablets per day starting with 1 tablet twice per day for a week, then moving to 4 tablets.

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