ViSalus Launch in Canada is Positioned to be the Largest in the History of Direct Selling In Canada as the Body By Vi Challenge Officially Launches in Toronto Canada September 9th-10th 2011

ViSalus Sciences will have their official launch in Canada in Toronto on September 9-10th, 20011, and it is positioned to be the largest launch in HISTORY of Direct Selling companies in Canada!

Be Our Guest at the Official Canadian Launch<< Join ViSalus Through this link, and you can be our guest!

Russ Wood, VP of Canadian Sales and Operations for ViSalus Sciences with Ambassador Melanie Milletics

The Body By Vi Challenge has been incredibly well received all across Canada during pre-launch, with local groups of Body By Vi 90 Day Challengers in almost every province.  On September 9-10th, the founders of ViSalus along with the Vice President of Canadian Sales and Operations, Russ Wood, will officially launch the Body By Vi Challenge with thousands of promoters from across North America.

ViSalus Sciences has seen unprecedented growth double digit growth month after month in a major recession that has meant a decrease in sales for most Direct Sales Companies. In stark contrast, ViSalus responded to the economy with the Body By vi Challenge in July of 2009. They consolidated their product line into 4 kits, each to meet a different 90 Day Challenge goal.  At the core of each kit is the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake mix, which provides full nutrition for less than $2 a meal, so the Challenge actually saves people money. They even have a referral program where Challengers can refer 3 and continue on the Challenge for free. Free works in any economy!

As ViSalus launches in Canada, we are looking for leaders who can take the mission of Life, Health, and Prosperity into every province.  The business model is proven and turnkey. In the month of August 2011, more than 60,000 people joined the Body By Vi Challenge, and more than 400 promoters qualified for the Bimmer bonus paid to promoters who reach Regional Director. Millions in bonus cheques are paid every month to ViSalus’ Ambassadors.  Canada is ready for the Challenge, it just needs YOU to launch your marketplace and claim your Ambassador bonus.

Be Our Guest at the Official Canadian Launch
<< Join ViSalus Through this link, and you can be our guest at the official launch!





Challenge Accepted!

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