Get Your Product Free, No Autoship Expense, Unlimited Income Potential, for $29 a month?

When you work a home based Network Marketing business, there is typically a start up cost and an ongoing monthly expense for your own product order.  Thus, one of the first questions I typically hear from people investigating ViSalus and the Body By Vi Challenge is – how much does it cost to start, and what is the ongoing autoship requirement?

First, let me address what an autoship is, and why it is in place.  An Autoship order is an order that automatically gets shipped to you each month for your own consumption. You can recommend the products because you use them yourself. Just makes sense, right?  So your autoship expense should be reasonable. It should be enough that you can personally consume the products within the month. No more, no less.  A company will typically give a product discount to your customers that agree to an autoship as well (ViSalus offers a 20% discount), which encourages them to get on autoship. Because your customer is repeatedly buying product to consume it, you are paid residually. The residual income is the KEY to why you build a Network Marketing business, and not just a straight direct sales business. Getting paid over and over again for work you did once is brilliant!

Of course, an autoship can be canceled at any time.  Your customers aren’t obligated or under any contract to buy – but if you have a great product that works, they won’t want to be without it, and a discount for being on autoship is a good thing!

Getting product shipped to you for FREE is even better!

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Watch the video above that shows what our ‘Disappearing Autoship’ expense looks like!
$450 in Body By Vi Challenge kits FREE, every month!

The Body By Vi Challenge offers a “Get 3 and its FREE” offer to both its distributors and customers.  Anyone who refers 3 customers to a Challenge kit that is equal to, or larger than the kit they have on order will get theirs shipped to them for FREE the next month. You, your customer and distributors can all lose all the weight they want, or maintain their health for as long as they have 3 customers on autoship. This is DIFFERENT, I assure you. Most companies will say you get your product free, but they take the money for the product order out of your check. Not ViSalus. 3 and its FREE, not from your commissions – really free.

Both customers and distributors get a website just like this one and are able to invite people to take the Challenge with them.  ViSalus also has various online tools built into the marketing system that is part of the Vi-Net.

Watch the video below that shows how your CUSTOMERS can get FREE product as well!

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Can you show me another company that enables your CUSTOMERS to get free product? Our Body By Vi Challengers can Continue on the Challenge for FREE!


So how do you start a home based business with unlimited income potential and have an ongoing cost of just $29?
Watch the ViSalus Overview Video and then call me on 727-565-2053

Get started with ViSalus Sciences with an Executive Success System, refer 3 customers before month’s end, and pay just $29 a month for your Vi-Net. You will have your product shipped to you for free each month once you enroll 3 customers, thus NO autoship expense!

If you choose to get started as a basic distributor instead, you’ll pay $49 for your distributorship, plus the cost of the Challenge kit you want to consume. Your ongoing cost for your Vi-Net is $29.  That includes all of your marketing tools including landing pages, autoresponders, banners, blog, video sharing capabilities, photo sharing, integration with Twitter and Facebook and more!  Your Vi-net is the most progressive marketing and training platform in the home based business industry. Become a guest now.

Challenge Accepted!

More than 3 million people have already taken the Project 10 Challenge
and got the results they wanted! Its Guaranteed!
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    For CUSTOMERS on the Challenge:
    To get the discounted price, you have to set up your initial account with an autoship. However, you create a username and password when you place your order, and you can immediately go in and control that future shipment. You can change it, put it off a month, or cancel it outright. Easy!


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