Is Chocolate Your Thing? Then Try This Triple Chocolate Protein Shake Recipe!

If you’re looking for a delicious new chocolate protein shake recipe, we’ve got one for you!

This is a triple chocolate smash protein smoothie straight from the recipes of ViSalus! That means it has to be good!

It’s not single, not double, but triple the chocolateweight loss has never been so tasty!!

Low-carb weight-loss protein weight loss shake recipe

Chocolate lovers unite with this yummy chocolate protein smoothie!

To make this delicious triple chocolate protein shake recipe for post-workout muscle growth, or as a meal-replacement for weight loss, combine the following in a blender:

2 scoops Vi-Shape Shake Mix

8 oz chocolate soy or almond milk

1 chocolate Health Flavor Mix-In

1 tbsp fat-free sugar-free chocolate pudding mix



Low calorie weight loss shake.

Losing weight the Vi-Way means you are getting low-calorie meals with our shakes. Our Vi-Shape Shake, made with non-fat milk, is just 180 calories per serving! That is a smaller amount of calories than many other weight loss programs!

Lots of people drink the same shakes over and over and get bored with their meal plan.  This leads to them quitting their regimen, and therefore not losing the weight they wanted to. That is totally avoidable! If you’re drinking boring protein shakes day after day and need some variety, try another chocolate protein shake recipe from this page!

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